Announcing PADDLE OREGON 2019 dates:

JOIN US August 12th – 16th, 2019

Trip Details + Registration available in FEBRUARY 2019

“CONNECTED BY LAND” SEEMS QUITE THE SILLY NOTION compared to the true bonds solidified by five glorious days wandering the River of Mellow. Yes, friends, it’s again time to don the smiles and suntans, then laugh our collective way down your beatiful-and-nobody-knows-it Willamettte on the wonderfully outfitted, award-winning, Paddle Oregon. There will be food that borders the sublime. There will be stars. Tents. Music. And a moon so big, bright and happy you can’t help but howl. Best of all, there will be friendships made and remade, anointed by a National Water Trail so magical YOU’LL WONDER HOW LONG A SECRET THIS AMAZING TRIP CAN POSSIBLY BE KEPT.