Trip Details

The annual Paddle Oregon fundraiser and river madness are upon us, and given the amount of memories made by mile, this one can't come soon enough. Go all-in with us for five, sun-ripened days dreaming our way down the magnificent upper Willamette alongside friends and family. It's here you'll experience the river in a markedly different way, with spectacular meals, entertainment, unrestrained giggling, the legendary wine/beer selection and more memories than five mere days really deserve to make. It's not only become a tradition of sorts, but a real Northwest rite-of-passage.

As always, our campsites are located within secure private land or safe, quiet parks that feature the amenities necessary for comfort.

Registration includes all meals, gear shuttle, safety support, camping accommodations and entertainment. A portion of your registration supports Willamette Riverkeeper's work to protect, preserve and restore this amazing waterway.


August 20th - 24th

This year’s trip will wind along 85 miles of river, beginning at Marshall Island Access in Junction City, OR and ending at Wallace Marine Park in Salem, Oregon. Follow our route on the Willamette River Water Trail maps in the links below. All participants will receive water-proof and tear-proof Willamette Water Trail maps the morning we launch.

Day River Miles Location
Sunday, 20th 15.5 Put-in Marshall Island Access in Junction City, camp at private site: Valley Pine River Bend in Harrisburg
Monday, 21st 21 Camp at the Crystal Lake Ball Fields in Corvallis
Tuesday, 22nd 12.5 Camp at Bryant Park in Albany
Wednesday, 23rd 21 July 2017 UPDATE: Wigrich Farm on Murphy Bar in Independence
Thursday, 24th 15 Take-out at Wallace Marine Park in Salem

Camping & Amenities

Paddle Oregon arranges all camping and amenities for participants.

All of our campsites will offer flat, grassy fields, on private property or a city park. Sleeping pads are highly recommended. Amenities at each campground include port-a-potties, hand-washing stations, trash receptacles, communal tables and chairs, and the occasional free-range chicken. We will have a shower trailer, with private shower units, in camp mid-way through the week.

Of course you can always enjoy a bath in the river at any time, but in that case, please do not use any soaps or shampoos- even biodegradable soaps cause pollution and can have a detrimental impact on aquatic life. Whenever an actual shower is not available, some of the more fastidious water trail users appreciate using "action wipes."

Food & Drink

On Paddle Oregon, the food is as spectacular as the river views. A catered breakfast, lunch, evening appetizers and dinner will be provided for you, starting with breakfast at the put-in on Sunday and ending with lunch on Thursday.

Participants will have a selection of lunch items to choose from each day after breakfast so they can pack their lunch for the river. Breakfast and dinner will be served buffet-style, with a variety of delicious items to choose from. There will be both meat and vegetarian options. Our exceptional caterer is happy to work with you if you have food allergies or other restrictions/preferences.

Beer and wine will be available each evening for an additional charge.

Baggage Shuttle

Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers, your camping baggage will be loaded onto a truck when you arrive, then shuttled and unloaded from campsite to campsite each day. Baggage that is to be shuttled needs to be well labeled, and no more than two reasonably sized duffel bags, each weighing 40 pounds or less. You should pack a separate waterproof bag to take with you on the river to hold extra clothes, jackets, sunscreen, etc. For ideas on what to pack see the Equipment Checklist.

Massage & Yoga

Liangong sessions will be held each morning to help us stretch, relax, and enjoy. Be sure to pack your favorite yoga mat as well as that will also be offered during the week on occasion.

After a long day on the river, nothing feels better than a massage. Corvallis based Licensed Massage Therapist Jill Lee, and others, will be available each evening to soothe those aching muscles! There is an additional charge for massage, generally $20 for 15 minutes.

Ready to sign up?

You can keep reading about all the trip details, see features for this year’s trip, or if you're already convinced...what are you waiting for?

Registraion & Optional Fees

Paddle Oregon Registration:  $789 Adults  |  $689 Youth (17 and younger)

Registration includes: delicious northwest cuisine, daily baggage shuttle, safety paddlers, camping accommodations, showers where possible, entertainment and educational opportunities, ACA insurance coverage, logistical support, event t-shirt and water trail maps.

When you fill out your on-line registration form, you may fulfill your payment securely online via PayPal (no account required). 

Additional Options

  • Shuttle: $35/per person
  • Lunch tote: $5
  • Massage: $20 for 15 minutes
  • Beer and Wine: available each evening for an additional charge, plus tasting events

Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Need a boat? Canoes and kayaks can be rented for an additional fee through various local paddling shops. You are responsible for making these arrangements on your own.

When renting a boat, we strongly suggest that you test paddle your rental boat prior to committing to paddling it for five days. We also recommend that you invest the time in training yourself in proper paddling technique by taking classes from professionals, and that you condition yourself for full days of physical activity. If a renter claims "my boat is slow" what we hear is "I have not properly prepared for this trip," and unfortunately that can effect your river experience as well as the experience of your assigned pod.

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe offers a special rental package and service for Paddle Oregon participants: $175 includes a solo or tandem canoe or kayak, life jackets, paddles, and transportation of the boat. An Alder Creek representative will deliver your boat to the put-in, help orient you to your gear, and will pick up your rental gear at the take-out.

Call Alder Creek for details and payment arrangements 503-285-0464.

Registered Paddle Oregon participants are also eligible for discounted classes from Alder Creek pre-trip:

Skill & Boat Requirements

You will be paddling with two experienced pod leaders who will help facilitate the safety of your group. In addition, we have roving safety paddlers, a certified medic and a first aid attendant. Nevertheless, you are responsible for your own safety at all times!

    Although the Willamette River is primarily calm this time of year due to lower water levels, sections of the river have considerable current that require paddlers to have the skill to maneuver their boats in moving water and dynamic currents. These skills include familiarity and experience with basic strokes and maneuvers such as forward and reverse paddling, turning in current, navigating river bends, paddling upstream, and ferrying. Paddlers also need to have an understanding of river features such as reading the flow (where is the main current moving? where is it too shallow to pass?), eddy lines (how they work, how to move across them safely), and recognizing hazards like obstructions or strainers (such as woody debris). At times the river is braided, or is split by an island. You and your pod may need to "eddy out" from the main current, or paddle to the side, to get out and scout which channel option is most appropriate.

    In addition to basic skills, we recommend practicing rescue techniques prior to the trip, and encourage that participants have recent experience paddling 10 to 20 miles per day to assure one’s stamina is adequate to enjoy the trip. Your pod will take regular breaks as needed. The upper river has slightly more gradient, resulting in a decent current that will assist us as we paddle down river (although there is always the possibility of a headwind!).

All participants are required to meet two of the following:

  • Paddling experience on moving water (strong river currents, eddies, etc.) within the last two (2) years.
  • Moving water paddling instruction within the last four (4) years.
  • Previous participation in Paddle Oregon.

Additional Requirements for Participants 17 and Under

  • All minors need to have had wet exit and rescue training/experience or will be required to paddle with an adult.
  • All minors need to know how to swim.

Most participants paddle touring-style sea kayaks and canoes (solo or tandem) that are 15-18 feet in length. Longer boats have more glide and cover distance more efficiently. We strongly recommend that your boat be at least 13 feet long to make it easier for you to paddle the long distances that some days require. You will be paddling with an assigned pod, and it's helpful when everyone has an appropriate boat.

We also recomend that you invest the time in practicing proper paddling technique, including day trips and classes that will help you learn to paddle efficiently and with less effort (which is key to paddling longer distances!). Condition yourself as needed in advance of the trip, you will thank yourself for it come August!

If you have questions about these requirements, give us a call at
503-223-6418 and ask for Kate. We will be happy to talk to you about whether or not your experience is adequate or a class is appropriate.

Paddling Safety - Pods

In order to ensure safety and foster camaraderie on the river, paddlers will be grouped into “pods.” Paddlers choose pods based on paddling pace, daily departure times, and special interests. Your choice simply helps us to place you in a group. If you are interested in more than one option you are welcome to change pods during the trip. Each pod will have ten to twelve boats and a minimum of two Pod Leader volunteers.

Pod Leader volunteers are experienced paddlers, and not necessarily professionally trained guides/rescue technicians. They are present to help make decisions on the water, keep the pod together, and assist with rescues when necessary. Therefore, <strong>your safety is equally your responsibility</strong>.

Meeting the necessary skill requirements, listening to directions, and being aware of what’s ahead downstream are essential to having a safe trip.

Transportation, Shuttle & Parking Options

Here are your transportation options:

1) You are welcome to arrange for your own transportation to be dropped off at the put-in on Sunday morning by 8:00am, and picked up at the take-out on Thursday afternoon around 3:00pm (each pod will arrive at their own pace).

2) For an additional $35, on Sunday morning you can arrange for Willamette Riverkeeper's one-way-shuttle to transport you, your gear, and your boat from the take-out in Salem (Wallace Marine Park), and shuttle you to the put-in in Junction City (Marshall Island Access). With this service, you have the option of parking your car in Salem for the week.

3) You also have the option of getting dropped off at the put-in on Saturday evening, before the trip officially begins, and camping for the night. There is no additional fee to do so. Please note that there is no overnight parking at the put-in.

Come Register for Paddle Oregon!

How our shuttle works:

  • If you choose to use our shuttle service and...

    You need to transport your personal kayak or canoe
    you must report to Wallace Marine Park in Salem at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning the 20th. Here your boat will be loaded and secured onto a large trailer by volunteers.

    You do not need to transport a boat because you are renting
    then you need only to report to Wallace Marine Park on Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. to load yourself and your paddling gear onto our charter buses.

    Coffee and breakfast will be waiting for you at the put-in, an hour and 20 minute drive away.


  • Parking for shuttle users...

    Neither WRK or the City of Salem can guarantee the security of your vehicle for the week. This is a public park, so please do not plan to leave any valuables in your car. Please be smart! Furthermore, there is no overnight parking available at the put-in, and there is no shuttle back to the put-in at the end of the trip.

* You will select your Shuttle preferences in your on-line registration form.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations prior to June 1st will be refunded less $200. Cancellations in June will be refunded less $350. No refunds will be issued in July or August for any reason.